Focus but not monotonous

We not only sell a variety of stylish electric scooters. We also sell various accessories for each types of scooters. And provide DIY maintenance operation video. This site integrates pre-sales consultation, efficient and fast delivery, and after-sales service. Just enjoy your ride, risk and distress will never come.

Multimedia collage

  • How did we get started?

    JOYOR was founded in 2011 as a global family with a passion for technology, new energy and environmental protection. Our goal is to have a better life by technological innovation, environmental protection and emission reduction.

  • How are we developed?

    We insist to listen to evevry user to upgrade our products for bringing them more surprise. That's how JOYOR was developed, now let the world witness our wonder.

  • Why do we love what we do?

    Think about the offices, schools, friends, and nature you've always wanted to embrace. We wish you wonderful mood with a safer, easier, and more fun-filled way. If there is one thing which can fulfill this, that's what JOYOR does, which unite the people who have the same mission to work for it.