Zhejiang Lebu Electric Vehicle & JOYOR Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd. 2018 Mid-year Summary Meeting Held Successfully

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On August 18, Zhejiang Lebu Electric Vehicle & joyor Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. held a mid-2018 work conference. The conference was based on the theme of "Getting Ready and Going on the Venture Path". Head of quality, sales, purchasing, finance, after-sales service and other departments. This meeting summarized the work results of the first half of the year, proposed and discussed the problems and solutions of each department, and planned the work of the second half of the year.


Mr. Li Guowang, the CEO of the company, made a concluding speech and evaluated the work results in the first half and the work plan in the second half. In the process, President Li pointed out, "Although the company maintained a high development speed in the first half of the year, due to the volatile international trade environment and the combination of various objective factors such as rising costs and a decline in the real economy, the FEV industry The competition will become more and more fierce, and the market environment will become more complex and changeable, which will also bring greater pressure and challenges to the company's operations. Because of this, we should continue to develop good products, higher quality, Adhering to better services and working closely with our dealer partners can bring more and better products to end consumers, make greater contributions to the development of the industry, and enable the company to continue to develop steadily. "


At the end of the meeting, President Li once again emphasized the company's core values, the integration of people character, enterprise character, product character. All colleagues applauded with warm applause.



A reception dinner was subsequently held to recognize outstanding employees.

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