The 2019 annual summary meeting of Joyor was held successfully

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The 2019 annual summary meeting of Joyor was held in Jinhua,china on 3rd Jan,2020,All middle and senior management of the company attended the meeting.

In 2019, the electric scooter market in China was greatly affected by policies, while the international market competition intensified, but Joyor insisted on product innovation, quality first, and was recognized by new and old customers. We cooperated with a lot of new and old costumers, and the company continues to maintain a high-speed growth this year. In the process of high-speed growth, Joyor also found some problems. All participants worked together to think about solutions and made a step-by-step implementation plan.

In 2020, the company will have a fast development. All employees of Joyor will firmly implement the strategic objectives of "quality war, service war and capacity war", and provide more high-quality electric scooter products for global customers.


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