Joyor resumes work

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On February 29, Joyor, the representative brand of China's electric scooters, has resumed work with a return rate of 100%.

2020 is a key year for Joyor's "quality war, capacity war, service war". After years of operation, the company has been recognized by customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Orders in January have reached a new high, but the outbreak of coronavirus without any sign affected the start-up plans of Chinese enterprises after the Spring Festival.


After the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled at the factory location, our company actively prepares personal protective equipment and tests facilities and equipment to ensure the health and safety of each employee. On February 14th, after strict government inspection, Joyor company was approved for resumption of work, and the factory was officially resumed. By February 29th, production capacity has returned to the best state in 2019.


The electric scooter is an innovative product. In the current situation of global coronavirus, this green and environmentally friendly personal travel tool can better reduce the gathering in closed spaces and make everyone closer to the fresh air of nature. There will be more People love this electric scooter.

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